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Our 14th year of continuous online services. Delivering online secure data applications with regulatory reporting compliance. Now with expanded services including Online LMS's, workers comp first reports, OSHA reports, Auto, Property, and General Liability reports, root cause analysis.

All directed to the EMPLOYER for CONTROL of the data and reports. Find out how we can help you.

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Zurich - FirstReport Online or FirstRePortal
Bundled Services - FirstReportal is the TrainFirst LMS CMS service that INCLUDES FirstReport Online as one of it's many features.

LMS - Online Learning Management System.
CMS - Online Content Management System.

FirstReport Online - Online recordkeeping and reporting for OSHA and workers comp first reports of injury.

TrainFirst - Online Moodle based LMS, licensed safety courses, custom LMS branding and content production.

Collaborative services - secure Employer controlled university style "courses" with SCORM course control, chat, forums, blogs, assignments, content sharing, quizzes, surveys, testing, grading, due dates, notifications and more.

Security - a decade securing online records involving employee personal, HR and medical data at the highest level.

Accessibility - Certified browser support for Windows IE 9.x or higher, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. online 24/7.

Integrity - FirstReport Online providing continuous Online service for over 13 years. Moodle based LMS over 15 years with 40 million users in 70 languages. Mastery Tech and 360 Safety course materials industry leaders in quality certified safety and industry courses.

Reporting - Compliance with state and federal report forms as well as detailed ad hoc management reports of entered data, collaboration and activity logs.

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